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Today we have a guest blogger!!

Sonia from Sunglasses Restorer contacted us few weeks ago about being your guest & here she is today.

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Hello, in Sunglasses Restorer we don't only care about Oakley replacement lenses, but we are also very aware of all the related of one of the best brands of sunglasses.

Thats´ why we have written an article where we analyze the features of the best Oakley cycling sunglasses.

We focus on the most popular models, but we also mention historical models and sunglasses that have changed the history of sports and cycling sunglasses.

We briefly explain the history of the O Oval brand, and its founder Jim Jannard. We also talk about Greg Lemond, of course.

What would have been of Oakley and their sports glasses if the first American to wear the Yellow in Paris was not have used the EyeShades?

In the article, we mention the main features of the frames, the lenses and the temples of each sunglasses.

Pay attention to this list

  • M Frame
  • Racing Jacket / Jawbone
  • Split Jacket
  • Radar / RadarLock
  • EV Radar
  • Half Jacket
  • Flak Jacket
  • Flak 2.0
  • Fast Jacket
  • Jawbreaker
  • Radar Pace
  • EVZero

We made a description and history of each model,their principal features,their measurements,(frame, lenses and temples),the variations, because there are many models with variations,What sports or use are recommended for.

And finally, an approximate price.

If you are thinking of investigating a little in a new Oakley sports sunglasses, you will not have to look much further than this post.

In one article you will have, everything you need to find out your next cycling eyewear.

So click on this link to access the complete article ever written about Oakley and his cycling glasses.





Hong Kong Cyclothon 2017, Speed over Iconic Bridges!!

Ciao a tutti, today we have a special event in Hong Kong. Join us in the Ride against the Wind in October!

 The 50km and 30km rides offer a precious opportunity for cyclists to pedal through various iconic landmarks in Hong Kong Cyclothon 2017

The 50km and 30km rides offer a precious opportunity for cyclists to pedal through various iconic landmarks in Hong Kong Cyclothon 2017

Hong Kong Cyclothon 2017 invites cycling enthusiasts from Hong Kong and around the world to join the intense race and celebration in Hong Kong this October!

Hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) on Sunday 8 October, the Hong Kong Cyclothon will gather some 5,000 local and international cyclists in a race of speed and endurance. The 50km and 30km rides, in particular, offer a precious opportunity for riders to pedal through the diverse cityscape of Asia’s world city. Streaking on bike across three bridges, including Tsing Ma Bridge, is an exclusive and breathtaking experience on the 50km ride. This unique ride is a “must-do” for cycling amateurs and professionals alike.

Top cyclists from around the world will take part in the first-ever UCI Class 1.1 road race organised in Hong Kong and experience the city’s enchanting appeal and applause from enthusiastic spectators and visitors. Join the passionate crowd in front of Victoria Harbour and cheer for the professional riders in the heart of the Event Capital of Asia!

 Visitors can watch the exciting race and cheer on the top international cyclists up close along the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront. 

Visitors can watch the exciting race and cheer on the top international cyclists up close along the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront. 

To preview the Cyclotron video click here  & the registration will open on the 22th of July via this link.

I hope to see you there,plenty of SaddleDrunk riders will attend the event.

Say hi if you see us.


Helping young people with Causeway Foundation

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It has been a while since the last blog.

Few months ago Andrew from Causeway contacted me in reference making a kit for their epic ride Land's End to Bourne End.

The Causeway Foundation was established in 2011, primarily to support and relieve the needs of disadvantaged and exceptionally talented young people. Through funding, event organisation and use of our expertise, we strive to help them develop their skills, capacities and capabilities, to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.

One of the organisations that has benefited from the Causeway Foundation is the Infant Jesus Convent Health Centre in Bangalore. So far, we have provided funds and assisted with the building and conversion of a hospital maternity unit, providing necessary equipment and by sponsoring / funding a full time on-site doctor.  

If you like to support this great cause please visit this link.

Until next time be safe on the road.

SD Team

Chiltern Cycling Festival 2017

We are proud to announce the collaboration with the Chiltern Cycling Festival.

From this year the event is under the Human Race Cycling Section and will definitely bring interesting aspect to the event. 

The date to pin to your diary is the 16th of July,location with be the lovely Penn House in Buckinghamshire. The rides will start from this amazing location to lead you into the stunning & romantic scenery of the Chilterns with challenges hills to keep your heart pumping.

Around the field of the house there will be food stalls,beer tent and a big screen to watch live stage 15 of the Tour de France.

We have designed a lovely jersey for the event that you can pre-order here.

You have a chance to win a free entry to the event if you purchase any items.

But for now if you want to enter you can have a discount code "musette" to enter the event.

We hope to see you there for a great day of cycling & fun.Dont forget to bring all family,there is plenty of cycling for everyone.

Ciao & Arrivederci

2017 London League

We are proud to announce a kit collaboration with the London League under England Triathlon section of British Triathlon.

The series involved of 15 events including duathlon,triathlons, Aquathlon organised by various London Clubs.

The main sponsors of the league is VONCRANK which provide mobile cycle repairs in London.

Everyone can purchase the above Running vest here in our online store.

For any person purchasing the vest will enter to a draw to win a free entry to the Thames Turbo Triathlon on the 1st of May,Bank Holiday Monday.

Enjoy the weather,get out & be healthy.

SD team.