Leith Hill NO DRILL...

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Few weeks I was at the Leg of Steel cycling event organised by Ful On Tri and I have some people from the community of Leith Hill,a cycling mecca for Londoners & non Londoners...but for those HILL CLIMBERS....

This what they say about the drilling at Leith Hill.


Drilling through aquifer – Sutton & East Surrey Water objected on grounds of “risk to water supply” (BBC News)


Gas aring “permitted between 7am and 7.30pm except in an emergency”

Coldharbour Lane is hundreds of years old, near unique and only 3.8 metres wide in places – a recent survey shows landmark trees at risk


Over 1,000+ HGV movements up and down Coldharbour Lane, including a massive self-propelled oil rig 19 metres long and 60 tonnes crane. Safety concerns for cyclists, mountain bikers, walkers and joggers


3 metre high security fencing around C. one hectare of natural forest woodland supporting threatened species of ora and fauna – the area will be clear felled


Nearly twice the height of Leith Hill Tower, it is so tall it needs an aircraft warning light and 24 hour oodlit compound


Proposed drill site in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a place of great landscape heritage in the Green Belt. The impacts
of the development could not be wholly reversed - it’s estimated it would take 25 years to replicate the appearance of the site.


Birds that frequent the site are on the
RSPB Red List as globally threatened with severe decline (up to 50%) in UK breeding population and loss of range in last 25 years


A sustained community campaign won a public inquiry in 2012 but was overthrown in 2014 by a High Court ruling in favour of drilling “in the national interest”

Planning permission to date is for exploratory drilling but the oil company refuse to rule out full scale production


Conventional drilling may give way to novel extraction methods through ‘acidisation’ – toxic chemicals pumped deep into the earth to loosen the so-called ‘tight’ oil


Referring to ‘tight oil’, Stephen Sanderson, CEO of UK Oil & Gas Investments (UKOG) says “This type of oil deposit very much depends on being able to drill your wells almost back to back so it becomes very much like an industrialised process”


Other sites in planning, preparation or production include Brockham, Horsehill, Albury, Broadford Bridge, Palmer’s Wood (Godstone), King’s Farm (South Godstone), and others. Brockhamoilwell.co.uk


“There is no compelling need for oil site in Surrey Hills” public inquiry told.


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Share this with story with your friends & family.....Save the Cyclists & Non Cyclists...

Save your Segments,KOM,PB



Vegan Shoes for Trendy Cyclists.

Style & Fashion are main priorities for the sports people during and after the activities.Hence our meeting with VYOM London to discover more about their Vegan Shoes.

I met with Ravi & Vishaal and this what they have said to me.


Our vegan shoes are hand crafted in the United Kingdom by our brilliant artisan shoemaker using only premium graded faux-leather. We have an uncompromising commitment to deliver innovative designs with a strong focus on style and quality.

Our brand strives upon maintaining a harmonious relationship with the wider community of planet Earth; our obligations serve both wildlife and mankind equally. 

We set out to make shoes that combine flair and elegance whilst providing a high standard of craftsmanship.

Vyom London will always be about Vegan, Style & Quality.


We believe that sharing is caring – our creative fashion sense is for the whole world to experience!

Our designs are timeless and elegant with a modern twist. We use the best materials which are rich in texture, colour and comfortability.

Oxford Two Tones

Oxford Two Tones

The result is a Premium Vegan shoe without the compromise on craftsmanship. Along with taking care of our wildlife, it’s our duty to also be eco-friendly. Thus our premium graded faux-leather is sourced from Polyurethane (PU) instead of PVC leatherette which contains chlorine, a toxic chemical which produces dioxin during its manufacturing process and can be very harmful to the environment. Furthermore, in regards to its material properties, PU is very comfortable and highly durable in all weather conditions.

Each and every one of our shoes is hand crafted by the finest Goodyear Welted process which is still considered one of the finest methods of shoe constructions.

The process involves the upper part of the shoe to be shaped over the ‘last’ and fastened on by sewing the synthetic strip (also known as the "welt") to the inner and upper sole. As well as using a welt, stitching holds the material firmly together.

Oxford Toe Rose

Oxford Toe Rose

The result is highly valued for being relatively waterproof by minimizing water penetration into the insole and the relative ease of resoling. Each one of our shoes is constructed with a high density resin sole, thus enabling them with great strength and durability. 

Handmade in UK

From the very beginning we promised ourselves that we would always go the extra mile and never take short cuts. We wanted to do things the ethical way, not the cheap or the fast way.

We have always been keen in supporting our home grown British economy; hence our shoes are made in the small town of Northamptonshire. The craftsmen and women in this artisan factory have been making shoes for generations and they have the tradition, experience and passion to deliver a world class product. 


Style & Design

The first range which we are kicking off with is our Timeless City Collection - catered for the urban city worker. We ensured that our designs were in line with tradition and yet we explored our boundaries to give it that special innovative flare to stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

The shoes will be available to purchase in our online store from tomorrow.

Please visit the store & be part of the new style of shoes.



Cycling Dreams, South Africa

I met Jessica last year at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle , Switzerland while visiting Tegshee. He was great to speak with her and listen to her story.


My name is Jessica Brown, I have been cycling for 7-8years. Three of those years being a professional cyclist for a women's team in South Africa and two years being a national representative. I have achievements on the road and track,

I've also represented SA at 3 international events as a junior and 2 track training camps at the WCC (World Cycling Center) in Switzerland. I'm am the 500m, team sprint and points Junior Track African Champ for 2017 and Team Sprint record holder. 

My experience as a young cycling was quite tough. I was thankful to have development teams (Uber Development & Lorraine BestMed) that helped where they could. 


We did not have many races or sponsorship to support our young rider back then and yet still today. Progress from U/16 to junior and elite is a big step for the youngsters and in the process we've lost many young riders , parents also play a big role in our cycling lives financially and supportively. Many found it expensive and unfortunately had to pull there kids out of this amazing sport. 

Two of my biggest and most amazing races in SA was the Cape August Cycle Tour and Paarl Boxing Day track event. These two events were my biggest events as a youngster, organizers and supporters brought an amazing welcoming and supportive atmosphere with some of the best races in SA. 


My expectations for young riders is for CSA (Cycling South Africa) to develop a development project, including all 6 cycling sports (road,track,bmx,mountain biking,xco and para cycling) . This will help the riders and provinces to see what development is needed to be put into the rider and performance expected. 

I also would love to see more development functions for the youth and not only coaches as we all need the guidance to show us the right direction and to make those big discussions. We expect to see more support from sponsorships and international recognition for our riders international and local. 


Young riders in SA mostly dream of making it as an international professional cyclist. Junior Worlds is there main goal, until they realize there is bigger fish out there to catch, after junior worlds there dream or goals get bigger aiming to the Olympic Games. Where others dream of representing there country with pride and making every move to get SA recognized and show them we can do it. 

My dream was always to be a professional cyclist and win an Olympic medal for my country in the 200m flying lap and 500m time trial. After my dream and goals give back to the youth and show them the direction and guid them to a successful future. 

Thank you for sharing your dreams with us.

SD Team.

La Vacanza e' Finita!!

Ciao a tutti,

Now the holidays are over and we will be getting back to the normal life,routines, activities.

We will spent the next few rides chit chatting away about the amazing holidays we had & peoples we met..

Photo Credits of PA-Cyclism

Photo Credits of PA-Cyclism

Brain cells will start to plan for your next trip,goal.target or PB's...Always remember to stay concentrate on the road while talking on the saddle.

Therefore if you let me, I would like to give you few cycling events which are worth taking part:

  1. The Road World Championships 2017 Granfondo in Bergen,Norway just less the 4 weeks away;
  2. Leg of Steel 2017 in the Surrey Hill it say on the tin..good riding.Amazing event organised by Ful On Tri (30th of September); 
  3. Our few days trip around the Mount Ventoux, 8th to the 10th of October email us at ride@saddledrunk.com for more info;
  4.  The stunning KOM in Taiwan ,for real climbers not for the faint hearted (October 2017);
  5. The Granfondo China in November ,multi stages event in the stunning Yunnan (November 2017);
  6. We also have another little trip away to Majorca from the 6th to the 9th of November, email us at ride@saddledrunk.com for more info;
  7. Ethiopia Wild Bike organised by a good friend Willy at PA Cyclism (December 2017);
  8. Another one is the Patagonia,Argentina & Chile ride, for real wilderness (December 2017);
  9. Finally my favourite...The Mongolia Bike Challenge....Mongolia is a stunning country,people are amazing and this is the best way to see the true colours (August 2018);
The beautiful Colours of Yunnan.

The beautiful Colours of Yunnan.

Those ones are my favourite that I would like to share with you. So now is time to shape up, to keep dreaming or start dreaming.

Be determine and you will reach your destinations, push your limits.Don 't create barriers that are not needed.Just do it.

SD Team.

Top Oakley Cycling Eyewear by Sunglasses Restorer

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Today we have a guest blogger!!

Sonia from Sunglasses Restorer contacted us few weeks ago about being your guest & here she is today.

Enjoy the reading.

Hello, in Sunglasses Restorer we don't only care about Oakley replacement lenses, but we are also very aware of all the related of one of the best brands of sunglasses.

Thats´ why we have written an article where we analyze the features of the best Oakley cycling sunglasses.

We focus on the most popular models, but we also mention historical models and sunglasses that have changed the history of sports and cycling sunglasses.

We briefly explain the history of the O Oval brand, and its founder Jim Jannard. We also talk about Greg Lemond, of course.

What would have been of Oakley and their sports glasses if the first American to wear the Yellow in Paris was not have used the EyeShades?

In the article, we mention the main features of the frames, the lenses and the temples of each sunglasses.

Pay attention to this list

  • M Frame
  • Racing Jacket / Jawbone
  • Split Jacket
  • Radar / RadarLock
  • EV Radar
  • Half Jacket
  • Flak Jacket
  • Flak 2.0
  • Fast Jacket
  • Jawbreaker
  • Radar Pace
  • EVZero

We made a description and history of each model,their principal features,their measurements,(frame, lenses and temples),the variations, because there are many models with variations,What sports or use are recommended for.

And finally, an approximate price.

If you are thinking of investigating a little in a new Oakley sports sunglasses, you will not have to look much further than this post.

In one article you will have, everything you need to find out your next cycling eyewear.

So click on this link to access the complete article ever written about Oakley and his cycling glasses.