SaddleDrunk was borne out of a necessity; a passionate desire to share our love, with our Community, all which is good.  Be it Health and Fitness, Nature or Craftsmanship, in all its forms.

The seed of SaddleDrunk comes from our cultural upbringing, which was spawn in the richness of the Mediterranean region of our glorious planet.

We were taught and guided, either directly or by observation, to bring to our tribe resources, which would benefit the family.  Being a rock or an island benefits only the one, but being open, by giving you will receive riches you could never achieve alone.

So through our aspiration for well-being and fitness, appreciation for fine foods & drink, our admiration of the arts & architecture, the magnificence of nature and the sanctity of the global family, we created SaddleDrunk.


Through our love of cycling & all that is artisan in their creation we wanted to look good when we were out on a ride.

So we assembled a team of experienced crafts-people to make for us apparel which we would be proud to be seen wearing.

But first we needed to create an image that would be strong enough to carry forward our aspirations to attain our goals.  And that would one day be a recognized brand, which will carry our dreams.

 This was the spark that lit the fire.

SaddleDrunk, as an idea, was born in June of 2013, when Stefano Dall’Aglio, was invited to ride overseas in Mongolia, on an MTB off-road race.  It was suggested that we set-up a blog to document his trip, as it was thought it would be great opportunity to share his experience using both words and images. This was a great success.

SaddleDrunk won the Lifestyle Category in both 2015 and 2016 and was shortlisted in the Travel Category at the National UK Blog Awards. 

The name came about after much toing & froing, until we finally arrived at, SaddleDrunk, which is both memorable & fun, and together with our strap line & new logo we had the beginnings of a brand.  But this was not our intention at this time.

Friends were interested in the kit & asked from where they could purchase this striking attire.  We then started making more kit, and more products & the range continues to grow to this day.

We organize regular ride-outs from a coffee house, near our base, in West London. Encouraging all levels of cyclist to join and “We Never Leave Anyone Behind”.


We invite you on a journey, which we hope will give you the tools to share with others that you meet on your adventures to get . . .


Intoxicated with the Freedom of Cycling