Triathlon World Championships 2015,Chicago

Mark Yeoman reports back from the ITU World Championship in Chicago after celebrating in birthday back home with the family.Mark will be joining soon the SaddleDrunk family as Brand Ambassador from 2016.

Hope you are all well. Now that the dust has settled, I thought that I would give you a race report from the World Championships last week in Chicago.

Going into the race i was optimistic that i could match or better the previous years result which was 6th. However, it was soon clear that this might be a tall order. Setting off at 11.30am Chicago was experiencing ad-normal temperatures hitting 30 degrees, having not trained in such heat, i knew this could affect me. The road temperature was on 40 degrees with a warning of high humidity so conditions favoring nations like Mexico and America who experience those conditions on a regular basis.

The swim was in the stunning Lake Michagen with a straight line course, but the first and only buoy was 700m away, so it made for a tough swim with the wind blowing across the lake. I swam well and exited in 3rd place and about 50m behind the two leaders. With a long run to transition (500m) i looked to get onto the bike and get them back.

The bike course was flat and narrow in places and made for a quick course, but one that wouldn't break the field up which hills can do. I clawed back the guys in front slowly and settled in looking to avoid getting done for drafting. This such a narrow course in places i had to sit up and wait to pass ensuring that i wasn't too close - not normal but i guess this allowed other from behind to close in.

As soon as i hit the run, i knew i was in trouble, i was stick straight away. My water was more like a cup of tea and the humidity and heat clearly wasn't agreeing with me. It was strolling more than running. I had to stop at the next two water stops to cool down. After that my body cooled down and i could run more fluently. I dropped two minutes on my normal time which cost me top 3 - 4 overall. I ended up 12th and 3rd brit which although wasn't a great performance, still gained me automatic selection for the next worlds in Mexico. Two week training camp to Spain is already booked to ensure i don't melt in the heat

Great words from Mark as always and a big thank you from all of us from the SD team.We are looking forward to welcoming you on board with us for a full packed 2016 plenty of adventures and challenges.