SaddleDrunk Racing Team Updates

Dear All, we hope you have spent a good Christmas with your loved ones.

At the beginning of the week we introduced you 2 sponsors for the SDRT.

Today,I will introduce you 2 more sponsors. The first today is LKY7 Sports.

Lky7 Sports is a family run business in the heart of Middlesex, specialising in sports nutrition. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help out where they can.

David and his staff pride themselves on ensuring that no customer has to wait longer than 12 hours to receive a response to their question whether it be by phone, email or post.

ky7 Sports specialise in sports nutrition, whether you are a casual gym user or a fully-fledged Olympic athlete. The dedicated staff will be able to help you choose the product that is correct for you, by finding out exactly what you need they will build a symbiotic relationship with you where by they will be able to facilitate your needs with the minimum of fuss with a streamlined same day delivery system (for all orders received before 5pm Mon-Fri).

For more info visit their website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Next to be presented, it is something that cyclist loves.Yes correct.Start with the letter "C".The answer could be find below.

We have teamed up with Charlie Mills Coffee.

They are a family run, independent moorland micro roastery.  Sourcing and roasting the highest quality, 100% Arabica, green beans which are fully traceable and sustainable.

Imagine an original 1800’s summerhouse, leaning ‘pisa-esque’ with an ancient squeaky weathervane to boot. This is where a typical early roast day starts, regardless of the weather which can be so changeable at our Moorland location. 

The green beans are weighed in our outhouse, wheeled up to the roastery and then the roasting process begins.

Charlie wants you to have the best coffee experience possible.  So a great deal of care is taken to continue the hard work of all those in the chain. Taking the highest quality green beans, profiling, roasting and cupping them - bringing out the best flavours.

We roast on a Wednesday in small batches on our gorgeous, state of the art, Giesen roaster.  We blend, bag and label by hand, thus ensuring consistency and quality control.

For more info visit their website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

The SaddleDrunk Team would to thanks this sponsors in supporting the team for 2015 season.

We also would like to wish all our customers Happy New Year and give you an extra 30% off on all our products. The code to be used on checkout is "  2014 ".


Imperial WInter Series 2014/2015 + Market

Ciao everyone,some of you has been probably busy running around getting the last minute presents or departing for holiday. We did not. We( Adam&I) took part at the Imperial Winter Series on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday we attended Brentford Market.

Last saturday only 2 riders of the team attended the windy Minet Park Event. The atmosphere again was excellent,where you could the potential winner already concentrating into racing mood.

It was definitely a windy day, that in the north west corner of the corner we had a natural slowdown.Apart from that the race unfolded the usual way, sit & see. Twickenham Cycling Club riders must have a love with the track,because so far 2 races in row,one of their riders kiss the tarmac.This crash was the first of many,it was an intriguing one,due to the fact those 2 TCC riders were sprinting away from the peloton.Who is to be blamed?

The race was decided again,in the final sprint a bit early than the previous weekend. Again there were certain riders not keeping the line and swerving left and right,and standing up the saddle.Forcing at least  3 people a visit to the first aid room, and few other to ended CXing.

Our team behaved very well,Adam sprinted off during the race at the front few times,leading & teasing, but I could not help him out because I was blocked,between the "snakes"(one of those is the winner of today race). We were together in the top,with 10 minutes to the end and moving forward until the final crash where,I finished CXing again, Adam finished 8th and gaining his first 2 point of this season.

Today event had an extra add-on in the registration/canteen area, due to the lovely presence of Richard the sport masseur, providing massage to the riders. Richard will be attending again the event on the 7th of February, he charge only £10 for 15 minutes. He also provide massages privately, visiting your home or office. You can get in touch with him on 07740868443.

E/1/2 race

After repetitive denial to Neil on our behalf to attend the well established Brentford Market,due to other commitments, we finally attended last Sunday.



The day was windy and setting up the gazebo for our "La Prima" had to be good.Making sure it was noticeable to others, especially where the market is oriented to food.

The atmosphere start to buzz around 10am when the market officially open. Obviously we were the new entry in the market creating a positive sensation to people. This gave us the opportunity to get with another community rather then just Ealing.

We were taking by surprise,when a crew of 9 from the SaddleDrunk social ride turn up in front of our stall.

We would like to say thank you to Neil from  "The Coffee Traveller" to give us the chance to be part of this amazing market and looking forward attend this Sunday market in the future.

Also we would like to thanks everyone that came along to say hi.

The SaddleDrunk team wishes you and your family Merry Christmas. Don't forget to intoxicated yourself with the Freedom of Cycling.

Ciao SD.

SaddleDrunk Racing Team Updates

Latest updates from the newly born SaddleDrunk Racing Team.

On this post a quick presentation about 2 sponsors. First will be Kuai Sport Promotion.

Kuai Sports Promotions is a young sports event management company in Hong Kong. The company, run by an experienced Belgian endurance athlete, has been directing and promoting a number of popular amateur sports events in China such as the Genghis Khan MTB Adventure & Grassland Marathon running, and the Colourful Yunnan Granfondo Cycling Festival. Kuai Sports Promotions is also organising training camps for road cyclists in Victoria, Australia, and will be launching a new major trail running circuit in Asia called the Asia Trail Master series in 2015 along with other projects in Australia, China and Japan. Kuai Sports Promotions is also an official brand ambassador for the Powerman duathlon series in the Asia-Pacific region.  

Also you can follow them via Facebook & Twitter.

Next on the line to be presented is our friend Velomec.

David & his team provide  a professional bike fitting service  alongside a personalised,  maintenance service at a time to suit you!.  A free bike pick up and drop off service makes things even more convenient. Fitting is undertaken at our studio in West London.

If requested, and if possible, your bike can be serviced/ fixed there and then- vital if needed for your ride to work or that last minute race/ sportive entry at the week-end.  All maintenance work is undertaken by a professionally qualified mechanic (EAL Level 3- Campagnolo Pro-work shop accredited) using top brand tools, parts and products. (Park Tool, Muc-Off, Leyzene, Rohloff, White Lightning).  Bike  fitting is undertaken by an accredited 'Cyclefit' technician.

No more booking an appointment weeks ahead.  Gone, the inconvenience and time wasted getting your pride and joy down to the bike shop- (even more difficult if you have a number of bikes in the household).

The SaddleDrunk Racing Team & its riders would like to thanks those 2 sponsors for the support & trust for 2015 season.

Merry Xmas