Testing Oakley Sunglasses & Prizm Lenses

Nearly 6 weeks ago I was approached by Oakley Sunglasses through a SaddleDrunker (James M.).

They invited me to road test the Jawbreaker & Radar models, this was before the public launch.

I felt really pleased to have given the chance to try those before hitting the shops but due work commitment I could test them.

Uranium Collection Prizm Road Radar 

Uranium Collection Prizm Road Radar 

Finally I met with Geoffrey in Regent Parks to have as we say a "Meeting on Wheels". Geoffrey is the European Operation Co-ordinator for Oakley, where he explains to me everything about the 3 models he had with him for me to try.

Nothing to say that the first impact I had with the glasses were just fantastic.

Jawbreaker with Prizm Road

Jawbreaker with Prizm Road

We then set off with the Jawbreaker Prizm Road Lenses, the same as Mark Cavendish. The Frame of the Jawbreaker gives you an extra protection compare to glasses with the only top frame,which personally I prefer. Another point at first wearing  in my disadvantage was the width of my view was restricted on the side by a big piece of plastic where there is the big O.

After few minutes of riding, my visual perception drastically improved making the test ride more enjoyable. The lenses were really amazing bringing light to my ride and making a crystal clear view of my surroundings.

Jawbreaker with Prizm Trail

Jawbreaker with Prizm Trail

Next on the cards to try was my favourite model of sunglasses, the "Radar". The lenses were the same but the frame completely different. The Radar Frame is not bulky as the Jawbreaker, it is stylish & skinny. The combination of colour also sits very well to be seen during the hours of darkness. A good selling point is the reasonable price.

The last to try was the Jawbreaker with Prizm Trail Lenses built for Mountain Biking. Which I believe it is not still available in the market at the moment but it will be soon. 

The frame was as the Jawbreaker but those lenses made such a big difference. Those, I would say that they could be ideal for the British weather during cloudy & grey skies. They enhanced the lights and with sunset settling down my vision was perfect.I had the feeling I was riding in a sunny country during lunch time.

My test time was up, Geoffrey & I had to returned to our loved ones. It was nice meeting Geoffrey, and we (SaddleDrunkers) will be able to meet him again @ Oakley HQ to work together for a SD Special Edition Oakley Sunglasses.

More info to follow. Please get in touch if you like to visit Oakley HQ during our visit.

Thank You Oakley & Geoffrey & James.

Ride Safe, Share the Road.