The Unknown & The Traditions , China & Italy

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We are pleased to announce the collaboration between Emilia Romagna Region & the Granfondo Yunnan aimed to promote cycling tourism and non professional cycling towards the two regions and scout a brand new tourist market such as China.

The project has succeeded thanks to a teamwork among APT Servizi - the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board , Terrabici - the Emilia Romagna consortium of bike hotels and incoming tour operators ( - and the two cycling companies SaddleDrunk & Nordic Ways, where everyone aim to promote cycling tourism in respective destination using the Granfondo events .

Colourful Yunnan Granfondo Cycling Festival (better known as Granfondo Yunnan) reputation has grown year after year around the world from the first edition in 2014, making this one of the most favourites cycling events in Asia, hosting now 1,000 cyclists, from 35 different countries, running six stages in a gorgeous setting.

By the partnership with Granfondo Yunnan, Emilia Romagna Tourist Board & Terrabici Consortium will have the opportunity to introduce and promote the Granfondos which make up the "Romagna Challenge" Cycling Marathons Circuit (, enabling the Granfondo Yunnan's participants and non participants to discover a challenging art of tourism in Italy, and enabling the Italian’s participants to discover China.

Some more information about the Cycling Experience in Emilia Romagna - Cycling in Emilia Romagna is definitely a wealth of opportunities for “bike enthusiasts”! This Italian Region is worldwide renowned for history, art, traditions, food and wine treasures, as well as fascinating itineraries between the Adriatic Sea and Apennines and - not to be forgotten - the several great cycling champions of past and present. Carefully planned routes allow cycling tourists to discover nature parks and reserves of great beauty, sightseeing fortified medieval villages set on hill's tops, taste some of the best and most deliciuos Italian Food and Wines (the Region is reputed to be the Italian Food Valley). A huge range of opportunities as for distance, elevation gain and gradient. The routes are suitable for different types of cyclists: cyclists who practice cycling as a sport, leisure cyclists who like to go on excursions by bike and the mountain bike lovers.

2020 is going to be again a great "Cycling Year" in Emilia Romagna. From March till June almost every week-end a fully schedule of Granfondos running from Bologna to Cattolica at the southern border with the Marche region. In detail the Granfondo Cassani (Faenza) Granfondo del Po (Ferrara), Granfondo Dieci Colli (Bologna), Granfondo del Sale (Cervia), Granfondo degli Squali (Cattolica), Granfondo Ride Riccione (Riccione), Granfondo Pantani (Cesenatico) . Moreover next may the 50th edition of the Granfondo Nove Colli in Cesenatico will host on the same route, in the same week, one Giro d’Italia stage, plus more two stages will take place in the region (to be defined).

Lastly but not least the cooperation between APT Servizi - the Emilia-Romagna Region Tourist Board - and Terrabici - the consortium of 43 bike hotels and two incoming tour operators specialised in customized accommodation and services for bikers -, which is the ground of a successfully best practice to promote cycling tourism towards this region worldwide.

If you want more informations about the events mentioned here, please feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form to find out about the various travel packages available for those destinations.

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Friendly Lawyer Advise!!

Ciao SaddleDrunkers,

I hope you all well & enjoyed the nice summer. I was able to catch up with a long distance friend and volunteered to give us some tips about bicycle accidents. As stated his far away & if you find yourself stuck in California feel free to contact him.

Crucial Steps to Take if You are Involved in a Bicycle Accident 

Bicycle accidents can often involve a tragic death. With little protection against a speeding car, the bicyclist typically stands little chance of walking away without an injury. While a personal injury lawyer can defend you in the event of a bicycle accident, there are a few steps that you can take that can strengthen your case during a trial for personal injury. This article will discuss some of those steps. 

1. Stay At The Scene
Immediately following an accident, you should stay at the scene. Unless you require immediate medical care at the hospital, you should stay at the scene of the accident until the police arrive and document the crime. If you leave, you could be found guilty of a hit and run. This is true even if you're riding a bicycle. If your life is not in danger, then you should remain at the scene until the police arrive. 

2. Inspect Injuries

While you're waiting for the police to arrive, it's a good idea to check yourself for injuries. A bicycle accident lawyer will suggest documenting any and all injuries that you have been rendered due to the accident. You should also seek treatment until medical services arrive. If you have a first aid kit with you on your bike, then bandage what you can and try not to put too much weight on limbs that are broken or sprained. You can accept help from others who have stopped to assist you. If you are unable to administer first aid to yourself, then call for help. 

3. Call The Police

Once your injuries have been temporarily taken care of, you need to call the police. West Coast Trial Lawyers will use the evidence and statements that the police acquire during their investigation to defend you or prosecute on your behalf. The police will thoroughly examine the accident in order to discover who was at fault. Since bicyclists usually have the right of way, the law sides with them. However, this isn't always the case. There may be bike laws that you weren't aware of that could put you at fault. Having an experienced bicycle accident lawyer on hand can help you understand what your rights are and how to defend you. 

4. Exchange Information With The Other Party

Although you may not particularly want their information, you're going to need their contact information in order to get in touch with their insurance company. It can be easy to feel hostile towards the other party. Try to push those feelings to the side, so you can benefit from the moment. If the other party is hostile towards you, however, it's a good idea to have the police acquire the information for you. Don't leave the scene without that information. Otherwise, it can be difficult trying to acquire that information later. 
You may also feel that the exchange is unnecessary if you don't have bike insurance. Not many people do. Car insurance companies typically won't cover a bicycle either. Your personal injury lawyer can help you find out if any of your insurance policies will cover the bike accident. Sometimes your house insurance or even your rental insurance can cover bike accidents. 
Finally, it's important to exchange your information even if you don't feel as though you've been severely injured. Sometimes injuries take time to manifest themselves. You're also typically in a state of shock following an accident. Shock can cover up any immediate pain or sore muscles or other injuries that you may have until it wears off. For your protection, never leave the scene without acquiring information. 

5. Document The Scene

While the police will likely take pictures or record evidence of the accident, you can provide your own pictures as well. Take out your smartphone and take pictures of the accident. These pictures should include the bike, the vehicles involved in the accident, as well as the scene. You should be able to show the court an in-depth look into the area. This can help the court decide who was at fault. Sometimes the scene itself can show that the area has a blind spot for cars. They can't see oncoming bikes due to a hill. This could end up being a problem that the state has to deal with. 
West Coast Trial lawyers also suggest taking pictures of your injuries. This is actual evidence of the harm that was done to you due to the accident. It's also documented evidence that the insurance company cannot refute. 
If possible, you should also record the events after the accident. This can capture any hostile treatment that you receive from the party. If there are witnesses, then take both photos of them and video documentation of what they have to say about what they saw. This is all evidence that a bicycle accident lawyer Los Angeles can use to defend you. 

6. Receive Medical Care

If your injuries are serious, then you should be taken to the hospital immediately. If your injuries aren't as serious, then you should still receive medical care after the police have opened the scene back up to the public. This an important part of your defense. Insurance companies may be less prone to pay out if you do not receive medical care. They might argue that the damage you received from the accident wasn't serious enough to warrant a lot of financial reimbursement. 
A bicycle accident lawyer will tell you to have all medical procedures documented. Your doctor should be willing to testify on your behalf if needed. They should be able to produce medical scans and documents that indicate the depth of your injuries. 
Post-care should also be documented. For example, if your doctor prescribes physical rehabilitation or therapy, then make sure that it is noted. You should document how much the physical therapy costs and how often you have to go to the sessions in order to recover. 


Have a good day all & Stay Safe on the road.


Granfondo Marco Pantani Weekend

Ciao a tutti,

After the last Italian trips we have decided to organise another trip to Italy for the weekend of the Granfondo Marco Pantani in September 2019.

You will be able to ride some of Marco’s Climbs.

You will be able to ride some of Marco’s Climbs.

We will be doing a long weekend leaving the Friday morning from London Heathrow & returning on Monday evening.

The trip include 4 days of cycling in Marco’s Land in the beautiful Region of Emilia Romagna, visiting some of the iconic places where he trained & lived, enjoying the sceneries,history & local cuisine.

Emilia Romagna is also land of many other professionals cyclists,champions of the past & present, hence the Giro D’Italia 2019 had 6 stages in the region including the start & the time trial up to San Marino.

The Granfondo is held the Sunday of the weekend of the 21st & 22nd of September, the day after the UCI 1.1 race which many Pro Tour Teams attend the event to pay respect to Marco.

Marco Pantani at the time of Carrera Team.

Marco Pantani at the time of Carrera Team.

We will be staying at 4* Hotel Lungomare in Cesenatico where will be enjoying the amazing facilities & the professional services provided by the hotel staff.


A quick brief of the details are listed below & or you can click here for full details.


Friday 20th of September 2019

  • Flight from London Heathrow to Bologna on BA 540

  • Private transfer to 4* Hotel Lungomare in Cesenatico

  • Check In Hotel

  • Buffet Lunch in hotel

  • 3 hours Ride with Guide

  • Return on the Hotel,relax in the wellbeing centre & yoga on the beach

  • Visit to the Marco Pantani Museum

  • Dinner in Cesenatico

Saturday 21th of September 2019

Sunday 22th of September 2019

  • Early Breakfast

  • Granfondo Pantani

  • Pasta Party

  • Return on the Hotel,relax in the wellbeing centre & yoga on the beach

  • Aperitif in Cesenatico 

  • Dinner in Cesenatico with Marco Pantani’s Mother

Monday 23th of September 2019

  • Breakfast

  • 3 hours Ride

  • Lunch back at the hotel

  • Dismount the bikes

  • Transfer to Bologna Airport

  • Flight Bologna to Heathrow BA545 18:50 arrive at 20:00

If you like to hear more infos please email us .

Ciao for now from the SaddleDrunk Team.


Giro D'Italia 2019 Italian Trip

Weekend Away for the Wine Stage of the Giro d’ italia 2019.

As the start of the Giro D’italia will be around our home town we have decided to have a trip where will be watching the “BIG BOYS” playing with their bikes.

The 2 top attractions of this trip are the ride to admire the boys during the “Wine Stage” arrival in San Marino & a lovely ride to Florence crossing the back spine of Italy which are the “Apennines”.

Photo Credit @ Smart Travel Italy

Photo Credit @ Smart Travel Italy

You will be flying out from London Heathrow to Bologna on Saturday 18th of May 2019 where you will be whisked away on a private transport to Imola for lunch.

Our home base will be a wine farm in the hills of Faenza with a lovely swimming pool overlooking the fields.

We will be riding for 4 days.

  • Day 1 : After arrival we will be riding for 70km Ride;

  • Day 2 : Ride to San Marino to watch the “Wine Stage” 160km Ride;

  • Day 3 : Ride to Florence across the Apennines 110km Ride;

  • Day 4 : Ride to Ravenna for the start of stage 10. 60km Ride;

Photo Credit @ Italian Tribune

Photo Credit @ Italian Tribune

Please see details here:

Price per person:

GBP 440 for cyclist on double occupancy

GBP 350 for non cyclist on double occupancy

GBP 480 for cyclist on single occupancy

The prices above include:

  • Return flights with British Airways from London to Bologna 18/5/2019 return 21/5/2019 ;

  • Economy class including cabin luggage + 1 piece of luggage of 23kg (additional luggage can be added at your own cost). The 1 piece of luggage is your bike bag.

  • Private airport transfer for you and your bike.

  • Private Transfers in town.

  • 3 nights accommodation at Agriturismo La Sabbiona on a bed and breakfast basis.

  • Trip jersey .

  • Daily supported rides with guide and mechanical support if required.

  • Complimentary sport nutrition.

At your own cost:

  • Cooking course at Agriturismo La Sabbiona available at cost of £45 per person (2 and1/2 hours course and eating what cooked);

  • Cycling bibs of the Event kit available at £65;

  • Bicycle hire available please advise if required

  • Bike box hire available at £30, please advise if required;

  • Travel insurance (we recommend Yellow Jersey Insurance. Discount code available)

  • Incidental expenses

For more information please email us