Cycle Safety everywhere in the World.

I came across during my travels with an amazing company specialised in High Visibility products.UGLOW. Wherever you ride,whatever you ride safety it is a MUST nowadays especially with the latest accidents involving cyclist.

SaddleDrunk: Good morning romain! it is very nice meeting you now specially at this time of the year when daylight gets shorter and safety is on top of our priorities after the recent devastating events.

Please introduce more about what you do and mainly your company? can uglow really bring more protection and visibility to people while on the road ?

Romain: Well good morning,
We do basically  specialise in ACTIVE LIGHTING, the future of safety in other words. A higher end type of making people more visible and safe by the use of HI VIZ colours  reflective material and flat homogenous light using a very special light spectrum cutting fog, rain, bad weather conditions, and visible from further than the LED technology.
We have materialised it and the  company is called Uglow. we exist since 2010 on the  market.
Our technology is fully flexible and waterproof, it can as well be washed.
SaddleDrunk: How do you think  your products can protect more people and save more lives?
Romain: Simple! look at this exemple , the best safety today on clothing is what ?: reflective material.
Our conclusion was that this is not the best way to protect people, specially if the car coming in front of you or behind you is not using its traffic lights properly or for any reason they are are broken.
Here comes Uglow technology , while having both combined Active lighting and passive lighting, it is guaranteed that you stay visible in all circumstances.
check out our products the U-ROAD sport on our website , you will see that this is really efficient if you want to make people more visible and save more lives by day and by night.
we do have very special helmet kit( the U-HELMET) that will fit cycling helmet and allow  its user to be seen from 600 meters.
we do cover mainly cycling , running , and trailing, all type of sports very demanding in term of training, that requires training early morning or after work in poor light conditions.
SaddleDrunk: How do you see the regulations/ law in the coming few months?
Romain: the government must at all cost protect road users. it really depends on education i guess.
for instance , come and ride a bike at night in a large busy city and you will understand what danger cyclists are facing.
my suggestion would be to create tracks for cyclists all over the city. they would get a better protection, but this would not solve the visibility problem. i keep on pushing and lobbying because we believe  ACTIVE LIGHTING combining HI VIZ clothes and PASSIVE LIGHTING( reflective material) is the only way to go for a better visibility and less road fatalities.
SaddleDrunkthank you Romain Jean de Dieu , CEO and founder of Uglow active lighting,

Therefore I  have managed to get in touch with CEO and Founder Romain Jean Je Dieu for a quick interview