On Friday afternoon at 5pm, nearly 2000 people, cyclist and non-cyclists,,gathered together opposite the Transport for London HQ in Southwark to protest (peacefully).

Their demands were directed to Mayor Boris Johnson (link to March article of him relating to cycling click here) and all relevant departments in London and Nationwide to protect the "Cyclists". This demand has arisen due to the recent death of cyclists.



Unfortunately, again (as nowadays) we act after catastrophic matters happen like death.

We do act in any sort of ways after that, but quite important factor, we do not act or talk when someone get seriously injured causing a loss of mobility or loss of limbs or anything that life changing of those individuals hurt during accidents. There is no need to see, check, talk about numbers to see improvements, we (everyone) as human beings, appreciate more facts, real facts, concrete improvements. Therefore stand up!.

We can all search online for the numbers of how much the government spends on cyclists all over the world, we can check how many accidents happens in other big cities and try to compare and find immediate solutions. But it will take time before the roads will be safe for us or for London to be like "Amsterdam" (in relation to Cycling).

"Elementary my Dear Watson", famous Sherlock Holmes quote.

The key part of this process of changes is the continuous improvement on behalf of all (cyclist, pedestrians, drivers, anyone) road users to share the road, to respect each other. Completely forget the "Jungle Rule", known as the biggest prevails the smaller.


The reason I say this, is that as cyclist myself I see danger every time I ride, this due to the fact that drivers do not consider or can not understand why cyclists are on the road.

This is a point of weakness of a driver who is not confident in driving on the road. I am not pointing fingers at anyone but standards of driving are abysmal (talking on the phone, checking the kids in the back seat, eating sandwiches, whatsapping and much more) also there drivers who are not insured and to finish off they do not know the road legislation.

Now I am writing to you as a driver. I do drive a lot of different vehicles and I go mad when I see cyclists crossing red lights while riding in groups, whether a "Roadie"( road racer cyclist in Lycra) or if a cool "fixier" trying to impress with his skill or his dress code.



My Final advise to you all out there using the road, love each other, respect each other, educate yourself on the road legislation, make sure that if you are a cyclist or a pedestrian make sure you are seen by others (try this products

Let's educate our children in loving cycling and the road and not keep them away from the roads. Let's enjoy more of nature. Drivers leave your car at home for a day and become a cyclist. Your perception will be totally different. Just try, do not be lazy, doing that you might save someone life.