My Advice on Winter Training

During the winter period or the lazy months some seasonal cyclist try to avoid cycling.This caused by a lot of factors like the layer up onion effect, which some seasonal cyclist might find it too much to handle.Also the fact of not owning a winter bike could be a peer pressure factor making the ride miserable where everybody else take out the nice bike geared up for winter with mudguards and the rest to not get the bum dirty.What about in the old days when they had to cycle in the middle of the snow is shorts and nothing else. It is funny because a lot of those having winter bike also are the same cyclist that follow the Velominati Rules.Which if i recall after many debates with those cyclist rules number 5 say something like to tough up to be polite.But look at this picture and actually be a real cyclist.

This guy(that you all must know him) had is family jewels up on his throat.Therefore before instead of posing,or being vain just try to ride normally and be like everybody that is saddledrunk. Intoxicated with the freedom of cycling.

Going back to advise you on training during the winter months, it is to carry on cycling of course,and taking in consideration all the festive meals and the relevant drinks(if you do drink) and Christmas Parties that you have to attend.

One of the worst mistake made by some cyclist during off season is to loose drastically weight and follow some stupid diets that will only damage your body causing deficiency of vitamins. This is totally unacceptable because during off season and winter cold months your body need all the fats to keep you going. Therefore I suggest to all of you to eat as much as you can, like the old chinese buffet 0.99$ per person, during the winter months with a big "BUT" which is to make sure that your bike does not get cobweb around it and  flat tyres.

So just keep pedalling 3 times a week or more and maintain your regular distances, slow up your pace because you dont want to get injured due to the cold muscles. Then just enjoy and feel SaddleDrunk.

Some friends that are pro-cyclist or/and pro-athlete in others sports different than cycling are taking holidays around the world just chilling and reading books,listening to music but their passion is still in their minds, in doing some sort of training related to their own discipline.

My training for the winter is to keep carry on cycling, running short or long distances, swimming and going skiing keeping my legs and core always training.

I like to indulge myself in food badly during the winter times,but I struggle to put weight on.Remember my proverb,which is not a chinese one is "Just keep Rolling" meaning don't stop. Your will power, your mind are the strength of your body.

You have to remember that during those periods if you go out you could be the only one out with the animals.The crispy air helps you breath and training harder for the condition during the summer.You might notice some different sceneries even if it is your local route, smell new essences from the wild.You may find Santa getting ready with the raindeers.

Remember also to take part in different winter series or sport events that you might enjoy it to keep the competition mood high. So, when you come to do your first event next season you do not have the common human being feel, known as "pissing my pants".

Merry Christmas from SaddleDrunk.