Yak Attack Nepal 2014 report from Cory Wallace

Hi all, I have managed to get in touch briefly with Cory Wallace from Nepal, reporting from Day 1 at the Yak Attack North Face 2014.A multi stage MTB event held in the beauty of the Himalayas.

Cory and I in Taiwan for the KOM 2013 last November.

This is what Cory had to say:

Day 1 we road across some terraces overlooking the Kathmandu valley. Later on we descended into a valley of chaos with Lose dogs, farm animals, people and cars everywhere. It was half bike race, half dodging the chaos. It is beautiful here racing below 7000 Meter mountains

A view of the track.

Scenery form the top.

Here at SaddleDrunk wish Cory a good luck during this amazing challenge.

I will keep you posted with more photos.