A riveting short trip to Italy ahead!!

Buongiorno a tutti, I am at the airport awaiting to depart to fly to Italy. The schedule it seems quite full on.

I will be landing in Italy at 1130am, apparently at 2pm I am riding,completely unaware of this.But it is fine that is why we are SaddleDrunkers...


Cycling in the Dales of Yorkshire last week.

After the ride, I will go and collect some more SaddleDrunk kits and uniform items from our partner Ideart in Forli.

Then on thursday, another busy day in the bike ride in the Apennines with some friends followed by a nice meal.

On friday the first edition of Over The Hills,will begin. A lot of visitors will come and visit the bike expo, plenty of opportunities for the various thousand that will attend to get SaddleDrunk.


Daniel( SaddleDrunk Friend) in China last weekend leading the pack in the Yellow Mountain.

On Saturday early morning we will have the start of the the first OTH Granfondo ,with various distances available to satisfy the different tastes.I will be riding "Davide Dall'Olio" bike from the famous 1998 Tour de France when he was one of Marco Pantani Gregarios during his win.


The 1998 Tour de France team.The bike is the one on the right at the front.

162KM in the hills of the Apennines Tosco-Romagnolo with some interesting climb.Total ascent for the long "percorso" nearly 2400 metres.

Then the sunday will be more riding before flying back to London.We will decide on Sunday if to do the MTB events at Over the Hills or taking part a local Granfondo in Russi called the "12° Granfondo Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Forlì e Cesena"

Another tasty 142KM with nearly 2000 metres total ascent.

The beauty of the Apennines.

Look out for the new look website that will be coming out within the next 48, including the online store where you will be able to purchase SaddleDrunk kit and more.

Ciao for now,and let's get SaddleDrunk.