Tokyo 2 Fuji Trail Running Tour

Our friends at Kuai Sports Promotions presents trail running in Greater Tokyo

Exclusive: including famous Fuji Mountain Race on 25 July 2015!

Trail runners can look forward to a new specific trail running camp in the greater Tokyo area of Japan next summer. Combining your favourite sport with a high dose of traditional culture, the local excitement for long distance running, and a touch of adventure, small groups of 35 runners will traverse breathtaking scenery for 8 days and at their own pace. And for those who cannot do without a race, the 18 to 26 July tour includes ten starting spots for the famous Fuji Mountain Race, one of the biggest trail running events in Japan and notoriously difficult for foreigners to get into

The Tokyo 2 Fuji trail running tour is a collaboration between Kuai Sports Promotions and local intrepid travel experts Venture, who will act as guide and support for the week. In total, the itinerary covers approx. 150km and starts at the Edo Castle in the centre of Tokyo. Via Hakone and a series of beautiful lakes and mountain tops, participants will arrive at the majestic Mount Fuji by the end of the week. Target audience are beginning and intermediate level trail runners on the basis of daily running distance (longest day is 23 km) and not on the basis of running pace. It does not matter if you are fast or slow. Following your daily runs, what is nicer then to relax those tired legs and feet in the many onsen - hot springs - of the area. To make sure you won't be bored for the rest of the day, the tour also includes plenty of other activities, such as tea ceremonies, museum visits, and attending displays of martial arts and sumo wrestling. 

The Fuji Mountain Race is not only very old (25 July 2015 is the 68th edition!) but also extremely popular in Japan. Perhaps therefore the organisers only allow 50 foreigners to join the race every yearTokyo 2 Fuji has secured 10 starting places, that's 20% of the total! An enormous opportunity to add this trail race to your personal record list. The Fuji Mountain Race speaks for itself, it goes all the way up to the summit and has an elevation gain of 3000m over 21km. Fastest time ever was set in 2011 by Touru Miyahara, who ran to the summit in 2:27:41. 

Please take a look at the website for many more details, including prices and how to sign up.

The 2015 dates for Tokyo 2 Fuji are: 

  • 18 to 26 July 2015 (first 10 registrants get a starting spot for Fuji Mountain Race)
  • 22 to 30 August 2015

More info can be obtained via 

The 68th edition of the Fuji Mountain Race will be held on 25 July 2015 and is part of that month's Tokyo 2 Fuji trail running tour itinerary. The race is considered by many to be the most difficult climbing race in Japan, and it is a unique entry in your personal trail running statistics!

The event is divided into two distance options: the summit course (21km and +3000m elevation gain!) and the 5th station course (15km, 1480m elevation gain), both of which start at Fujiyoshida City Hall. There are strict time constraints within which racers must reach certain checkpoints.
Visit the official race website for additional info. 

Being fervent trail runners ourselves, we are excited to promote Tokyo 2 Fuji, a collaboration project with Venture Travel, local operators who over the past decade have built a great reputation in off-the-beaten-track travel in Japan. Together we provide participants with a unique blend of sports and local traditional culture. 

At Kuai Sports, the athlete is king.