London 2 Paris AGAIN next week.

Ciao a tutti,

I hope you are all well.

A week away from another London to Paris in 24 hours, we have more reviews from 2 others riders from last month trip.Guest of today are John & Carl.

Ross Cycles saved Carl's ride to Paris

Ross Cycles saved Carl's ride to Paris

The first is John.

Why did I do it?
Well I like to set myself challenges, it was a few months before and I head Stef talking about London to Paris and I thought, wow, that sounds fun. I think at the time I’d not even made 50km (30 miles) in a day. I signed up and almost cancelled after my first 80km (50 mile) ride but actually signing up meant I really had to do it, I was committed. Getting back on a bike though is an effort at 50 years old and some 35kg (5 1/2 stone) over weight to get fit and lean again, it’s working, slowly but surely.

How did you find it?
Well even the day before I was pretty nervous, on the day I left an hour before everyone else because I thought I’d need the extra time to get to Newhaven, to be honest I still think that was a good idea but in all honestly I found it much easier than I’d expected and was still full of energy when we got there (for a while). The ride down to Newhaven was tougher hill-wise than the Dieppe to Paris ride, the excitement of riding in France just kept me going, finally you see signs to Paris Centre Ville and you’re there. 

Would you do it again?

Absolutely, I’m even thinking of going on the July trip, it was a superb weekend, being able to arrive at a little bakery and eat almost everything in sight without worrying about the consequences was one of the best parts. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, several beers and a great meal when we got there. I could barely get out of a seat two days later but it was a good pain. Yes, definitely up for another trip very soon, I can’t wait.

Couple of SD riders sleeping on the ferry

Couple of SD riders sleeping on the ferry

Next on the line is Carl nicknamed "The Bull".


I have been looking for  a personal challenge for some time.

I had seen you at work cycling and training hard and watched and heard about your passion/lifestyle/travels and the enjoyment you get from cycling.

I was on a weekend away in London with the wife in September 2014 and watched Stef, Stu and his father in law set of from Westminster, on the L2P2014 they were of on an adventure I wanted to go with them then lol, little did I know that the following year I would be riding it myself. A spark was obviously lit.
I have cycled on and off since childhood and wanted back in.
I had bought a road bike through the cycle to work scheme and was updating my attire when You literally kitted me out, I now had all the gear and no idea, I was now the coolest/largest looking mamil in Dorset, 
I started training trying to get back a fitness i had in my head but my body said different
I was chatting with Stef and Stu about the Paris run from 2014. I had a new challenge..

How did I find the ride??
Absolutely exhilarating, a feeling of complete freedom, to borrow a SaddleDrunk theme intoxicating..
We met at PBC.. Met by some lovely lovely people all keen to help out in any small way the expressos are stunning, We left in a hurrah of photos and good luck wishes, 
1 hour later the bike was broken, unridable a snapped derailiure hanger, and the trip looked doomed for me. (My heart sank) 1700hrs on a Friday night in Croydon, my heart sank I was completely gutted..
Two hours later I was pedalling towards Newhaven eating up miles riding with Stefano and Serrene thanks to Ross Cycles for staying open. At one stage I thought I had broke Stefano but it was his cleats. The others had left as there was a ferry to catch..on arrival in Newhaven we were met with pizza I was so happy that we had made the ferry, thanks to Stef, Serene, Stuart, John, Hilary, David And Paul..who all helped me to Paris..

Would I do it again???

I want to ride Paris again
The Pyrenees and 
London 2 Rome ..

Feel Free to get if you need more info or you would like to take part.


John and his extra heavy bike

John and his extra heavy bike

SD Team

Enjoying the food while the waiter is trying to burn the restaurant.

Enjoying the food while the waiter is trying to burn the restaurant.