Mark and his amazing Challenge

Mark, a real SaddleDrunker last weekend has completed an amazing challenge for a great cause.

Below you can find the words from Mark Slade.

I completed the ride in 15 hours and 30 mins.

It was an awesome day on the bike.  The weather was beautiful and the lanes were pretty deserted.  How Rapha produced a route that was 360 km without traffic was an achievement in itself.  We started at 6:30 and after slowly navigating our way out of Manchester we were soon in the Pennines.  The early views were superb, the sun was coming out from behind the clouds and the early morning mist was hugging the hills.  We then hit the Monsal trail, a 15km gravel trail that uses an old railway line, again the scenery was fabulous and the gravel surface gave the ride some variation.

I spent the next 200 km getting to know a guy named Mike. I only met him the day before over a coffee at the briefing, after riding for a few km’s we soon realised we were of similar fitness and we helped support and keep each other company for the next 8 hours.  We had a lot to talk about having 9 children between us!  I think its these moments that really make cycling special.  The bike held up pretty well and the Black Inc wheels were superb.

I raised over £900 for Ambitious About Autism and if anyone would like to donate my page is still open.

The final stats were;


13 hours and 40 minutes riding time

over 4000 meters climbed

About Autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects 1 in 100 people in the UK. It affects the way a person communicates and how they experience the world around them.

Autism is described as a spectrum condition. This means that while people with autism – including Asperger’s Syndrome – share certain characteristics, they will be highly individual in their needs and preferences. Some people with autism are able to live relatively independent lives but others may face additional challenges – including learning disabilities – which affect them so profoundly that they need support in many areas. 

Thank you,


If you like to donate please click here.

Thank you Mark and very well done.

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