Advise to all you RUNNERS & CYCLIST

Some times athletes forget about one important factor for good results.One of our therapist,Alessandra Perberllini  tell us a bit more.

Sports massage is an effective addition to a training schedule.

As pre-event treatment, it helps to get the body and tissues ready for the race ahead; as post-event, it eases fatigued, tired tissues and prevent DOMS; as maintenance, in between training sessions, it releases soft tissue tightness therefore it improves performance and prevent injuries.  


1.     More oxygen and nutrients as massage improves circulation and blood flowtherefore healing is promoted thanks to a more efficient immune system.

2.     Speeds up recovering time.

3.     As the training program becomes higher in intensity and millage, treatment is necessary to reduce fatigue, lactic, tightness and shortening of the tissue.

4.     Reduces pressure of spinal column overstressed by repetitive movements, pressure around joints and ligaments.

5.     Relaxes mind and body pre and during race day which has an impact on the range of movement and performance.


Weekly massage can help preventing injuries by targeting tight areas before they become problematic.

More frequently during the hardest training block or speed work.

Massage treatment is recommended either the evening after a hard workout or the following morning. Muscles can often be sore or lethargic for a few days after a massage.                                     

Massage before the next big race, needs to be scheduled 3 to 5 days out from the race. The deeper the massage, the longer it takes for the body to recover and respond,  just like running workouts!

After: it allows you to walk properly the day after……and enjoy the full passive stretching!!