An extraordinary Para Swimmer.

I am pleased to know this amazing Athlete, that during her young life has fought constantly.

 A bit about her:

Jasmine is a 19 year old learning disabled para swimmer, who competes both as an S14 classified swimmer under Paralympic rules and also as part of Special Olympics GB.

She trains hard 5 times a week with Altrincham Swimming Club as one of just 2 disabled swimmers in the club.

She's just completed her BTEC level 2 in Health and Social Care at the Manchester College and will progress to level 3 in September.

This week, with support from a personal assistant, she passed the ASA level 1 Swim Teaching Assistant qualification.

Throughout her life as well as struggling with her learning disability, she's also battled serious health problems - she was born with a hole in the heart and narrowed valve, had meningitis aged 2 and been hospitalised many times as a child with chest infections.

Despite all this she's growing into a positive young lady who's passionate about swimming and loves to help others. Every week, in addition to her studies and swim training, she volunteers as a Young Leader at a local Brownie group; at The Hub in Altrincham at the toddler group and the cafe; and as a coach at Altrincham Swimming Club.

Although she qualified for the first time and competed as a para swimmer at the International meet in Glasgow this year, the best opportunity for her to achieve her potential and shine is competing for Special Olympics. I've received formal confirmation today, that she's been chosen to represent the North West at the 10th Special Olympics National Summer Games in Sheffield next August. This is an amazing opportunity for her.

If you would like to support Jasmine or be involved in supporting her please feel free to contact us at

Let all of us together make her dreams become TRUE.

Thank you SD TEAM