La Bici.La Natura.La Liberta'

I have just returned from a long weekend of cycling in Italy, in taking part at few Granfondos and socialising rides.

I(We) was very lucky to find an astonishing weather with temperatures raising above the 25C with sunny days,this meant that cycling could have been more longer than anticipated.In fact not even 2 hours after I landed,I was on the bike in the middle of the Italian Apennines with friends enjoy the views and chatting,while sharing our passion.

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A riveting short trip to Italy ahead!!

Buongiorno a tutti, I am at the airport awaiting to depart to fly to Italy. The schedule it seems quite full on.

I will be landing in Italy at 1130am, apparently at 2pm I am riding,completely unaware of this.But it is fine that is why we are SaddleDrunkers...

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Intense moments for SaddleDrunk

Ciao everyone, you have not heard from me for a long time.The reason is because 2 weeks ago my first and greatest friend,guidance of each step of my life passed away.

RIding in the Italian Apennines in my Father's honour.

My Father, now will follow me forever in all my rides, each centimetre I ride, He will look from above.Rest in peace mio Amico.You will be missed by us all.

After this short reflection in honour of my Father, I give an update of the future plans ahead.

First, we will have the first SaddleDrunk Bike Ride in London soon where everyone is welcome to join.Any levels,bikes,clothing are welcome.Barriers should not be raised by those factors to those who love riding.

Then, I will be going to South Africa in Cape Town to take part in the biggest cycling event, "The Cape Argus" where I will be riding with a local team from the Western Cape.

Also, while there I will be having a pleasure to cooperate with a Japanese top cycling website and a South Korean cycling magazine. Talks will be held about the event and to arrange future plans for cycling in those two countries.

Modern Art in Madrid,Author Gian Nicola B.

The following weekend, I will be racing back in UK on a closed circuit than on a Sunday I will be road racing. It will be different story.

More races and events will be in SaddleDrunk calendar for 2014 , but one not to forget will be the biggest cycling event "Over The Hills" in Italy starting the 25th of April 2014 for 3 days.

You can email SaddleDrunk to get more informations,details and also to register and be part of the SaddleDrunk Team.

I will be riding for the occasion a bike from the Tour De France 1998 winning team. The team of the greatest rider Marco Pantani "Pirata".The bike is one of the Gregarios of Marco.

Gavino's bike,in the garden in Italy.

The photo was taken by Sirotti.The bike is the one at the front right.

Thanks again for following. Do not forget to get SaddleDrunk.