Asia & the Rest !

It has been a while since I have not kept you informed.

As you can see all the team has worked really hard to achieve this "nice piece of art" look website.We spent lot of hours to make sexy,classy,stylish and more. The online store is working and stocks are already running low in few items.

We also worked hard on doing the photo shoot with the products,which it has been interesting and definitely attracted lots of curious people.

Therefore, if you do not see your interested items available, you can pre-order through the store.

Few days ago,I had the pleasure to meet up in London with a great friend, Tiffany Cromwell to have a nice chat. She is doing very well with her UCI team Specialized Lululemon . This is a team that need a full support  especially that they wear a nice cool looking cycling kit.

The program of the weeks ahead are really busy for the SaddleDrunk community. SaddleDrunk will be travelling to Japan during the UCI Pro Tour of Japan next week,especially to follow the famous stage of Mount Fuji. I will be riding around the Mount Fuji for few days after that to discover the amazing scenery and to do a bit of "serious" climb training.

Then I will travel back to Tokyo,to meet up with friends and enjoy the buzzing city of Tokyo. 

Next Sunday I will take part in Criterium Race in Chiba Prefecture where the organiser has invited SaddleDrunk people to enjoy this local race. For sure,it will be interesting and the presence of SD there will raise the race to a different profile and curiosity amongst the riders.

After Japan, SD will return to Europe for nearly 2 weeks to then return to Asia,this time in China.

In China, Daniel  Carruthers will join me for some training rides around the west Sichuan provence close to the Tibet border and to taste the astonishing local spicy food.

We will then go to Chengdu, famous for the Pandas research centre to attend a race on the saturday.Hopefully the weather will be decent on us,because typically around there it could be the 2 opposites, really hot and dry to humid and wet.

Tiffany Cromwell in London

Tiffany Cromwell in London

We will cycle to the airport after the race to board a flight 2000 miles to Fuzhou in the south east part of China by the seaside.Fuzhou it is a vibrant city with many various interest to offer to the visitor. 

On sunday we will be racing again to test the local riders. One of my many definite considerations are that my legs will be burning, but it will be interesting,pain is only temporary anyway.

SD again will raise the profile of this events in various aspects.

SaddleDrunk then, after this 2 event will be staying with friend around Shanghai. I will be visiting also the some factories where the latest pieces of cycling parts are made.

Let's get SaddleDrunk,enjoy the weather. Ride safe.