Asia Part 1 . . . just the start

You might wonder why the title says Part 1.

The reason is that the SaddleDrunk team are traveling to Japan. In fact, I am writing this at 36000ft in the sky.

We will be visiting Asia at various times within the next 6 months. Let's say from now until the end of  the year.



The SaddleDrunk team has been involved in various projects.

Firstly, helping in the growth of an MTB event in Inner Mongolia which have reached the sold out mark well ahead of the expected time.

Also, various invitations to events across Asia flow rapidly, using SD team as form of Marketing and Advertisements due to the continue growth of the SD community. 

There is also a big possibility of SD being one of the main sponsors of a road event in the Philippines providing great support and strategy in the event.

Not to exclude, we have a great involvement in making the first “Victoria Velo Tour 2014”, in Australia, an amazing experience working alongside with Kuai Sport.

We will be also visiting the factories where the bike frames and wheels engineered by SD are being built to finalize perfect products for everyone.

Stay tuned for some exciting news. 

I will be meeting with riders prior to their stage at Mt Fuji for a chat and an easy ride. It would be nice to talk to them asking what they think about cycling in Japan. This year at the UCI Tour of Japan 2014 there are 2 Italian teams.

More to follow . . . speak to you all tomorrow.

I have to wish you all a good night. I've had a long 24 hours journey but well worth it . . . for now good night from the Mount Fuji.