Thanks Eurostar,it is not new but I thought they changed their minds

Bonsoir a tous,

With great disbelief I have to inform you all that Eurostar 2 weeks ago decided to make our life harder from the 1st of November.

For those love to ride to Paris, now they will have to carry they bike box.

No way Mon Ami.

Maybe some job worthy cost saving employee woke up one morning with this stupid idea.

But for those lovers of the London 2 Paris ride this will not defeat us and any other willing to take up the challenge.

Please stay tuned for next year dates for the L2P.

Hopefully our Mayor Boris Johnson will do something about.

How are they going to expect us to carry bike box on a bike?

Is ....... pushing us to pollute the system with support vehicle?

Are we meant to be more greener?

Be safe on the road,stay particles free.

Love riding.